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              1. 登錄教育部考試中心托福報名網站,進入我的托福主頁甜蜜皮鞭,在“托福復習套餐”>"查看套餐“欄目中獲取托福在線練習(TPO)授權碼並可點擊“訪問站點”直達TPO網站。
              2. 訪問托福在線練習(TPO)主頁:ttph://toeflpractice.ets.org
              2.1 登錄/註冊您的TPO帳號
              2.2 在左側菜單欄選擇“輸入授歐盟向意大利道歉權碼(Enter Authorization Code)”,並輸入您的數獨授權碼
              2.3 在“開始新的考試(Start a New Test)”下選擇“開始在線考試(Start Online)”  
              FREE, Full-Length TOEFL® Practice Online (TPO) Test 
              If you were scheduled to test in April and your test was cancelled due to the public health emergency, the TOEFL® Program and NEEA have provided you with a FREE, official full-length TOEFL Practice Online (TPO) test. We hope that you can use this time to con小湯山醫院清零tinue preparing so that you can do your best on test day. To obtain your authorization code and access the TPO, please follow the steps below:
              1. Logon to your account at NEEA TOEFL registration website, at “View TOEFL Value Package”>”TOEFL Practice Online Complete Practice Test”, view your Auth Code and access TPO website by clicking “ACCESS SITE”
              2. Go to 瑞幸回應財務造假the TOEFL Practice Online homepage http://toeflpractice.ets.org.
              2.1 Sign in to your TPO account, or create an account if you don’t have one.
              2.2 From the left menu, select “Enter Authorization Code,” and enter your code.
              2.3 Under “Start 2019三級理論最新a New Test,” select “Start Online.”
              You have 90 day女人做爰s to activate your code and 90 days after activation to complete the test.